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 Make Money From Stock Photos

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PostSubject: Make Money From Stock Photos   Sat Jul 28, 2012 4:10 am

Make about $300 - $400 per month on autopilot
using stock photo websites.

First what you will need to do is to register yourself on stock photography websites like these:

- Dreamstime.com(i recomend this one to start with)
- Shutterstock.com
- Fotolia.com
- istockphoto.com
- Shutterstock.com

There are so many other websites you can also join, i just mentioned a few where you can start.

Now, once you are a registered member, you need to upload stock related
photos which are going to be accepted.
I have tried alot of picture categories and the most profitable and easy
accepted were the ones related to:

- Backgrounds: different colorful backgrounds with different themes
- Textures: from ice, wood, metal, paper, everything
- Frames: different kind of frames, like picture or film

NOTE: The best is to upload pictures that are going to be used for later
image processing. Dont upload pictures with models in it.

Where to get pictures? You can always make your own pictures if you have
a good camera and you know how to photograph but i have used pictures from web.
You can use google images or photo related website like deviantart which has
stock photo section.

NOTE: Always mask your photos, make it different then original, change colors,
add something, rotate it. I have always done that so that images hasnt been
recognized as duplicate and they were accepted.

I upload same pictures to different websites so i can make the most money from them.
I have been running this for almost a year and it makes a nice stream of income for 1 hour work.
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Make Money From Stock Photos
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