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 Building Links from n00b to PRO

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PostSubject: Building Links from n00b to PRO   Tue Jun 26, 2012 5:21 am

Building links can be quite difficult or a big hassle, well thats what people think. If your thinking like that, you may be one of those who are lazy to actually do it. So lets start, shall we?

Building links can be easy as:

Writing articles about your "site/product" and posting them on "high PR ranked article websites" (squidoo, hubpages, articlebase, etc.) Top 50 listed here.
Posting a video on YouTube, if you want you can also post on some of these other video hosts here.
Add "meta keywords", if you don't have any I would suggest you add a meta description and some meta keywords.
Write a top ten list of some sort, related to with your website. A detailed top ten is suggested, over 2k words.
Answering questions on Yahoo! Answers will help a crap load, make sure to set your username as your "site name". When you answer people, you want to be voted the highest. So, write proper answers! Also, at the end when saying your "farewell" type (dash "-" and then your forum name , like -eMillionForum).
Reddit is a good site to go to and post "stories" or "facts" or just fun. It can help you a lot! Plus its a fun site to go to. Trust me, you will get addicted.
Go to forums with keywords that you think are relevent to your forum, put your "username" as the forum. And what ever options they let you put, use it as your advantage. Create a few high quality threads and posts, after that go to the next forum. You generally want to write about five 500 word threads (with images ofc), and make sure when posting, to post in the highest ranked pages (meaning views and NOT posts).
Creating blogs on free blog spots will help, make sure to keep stuff relevant. If you plan to use blogs, use these in your descriptions instead of your site url. This is considered three-way backlinking (or something like that).
Buying "signature" spaces or forum advertisements with banners will help. Don't spend too much money though if the site is not getting the required traffic that you desire.

Things not to do, this won't help you!

Linking your site will just decrement your rank on google over time, meaning unless you have a 500 word count per 1 link, your doing things wrong. For ever 500 words you can put 1 link. So generally 1 or 2 links per "post/thread/what ever".
Repeating your threads on different forums won't help, DON'T DO THIS. Only do this if you have extremely high quality spinning techniques in your posts. This is the same for blogs and anything else really.

Use common sense when building links, don't ever think you can cheat "googles ranking system", maybe you can get away with it today, but not in the morrow.
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Building Links from n00b to PRO
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