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 5 Easy ways to make money online!

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PostSubject: 5 Easy ways to make money online!    Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:56 pm

1: Dating Method
Well, with this method I would get dating signups.
Basically select couple(max 3) of dating offers that would pay out all together $10. Set up a quick ebook sales page. Ebook should be about how to find hot girls online. Say that over 2000 men have already successfully used that method. And then put a really high price tag. Like $300 for an ebook. Then get some PLR on online dating. Now go to Craigslist, Gumtree or any other online classifieds site. Either go to "freebie" section and post an ad where you state that you will be giving away an ebook of yours for 3 males. State the normal price. Or you can go to "men seeking women" section and start replying to ads , saying something like: Hi, I am not going to pretend that I am some sort of hot woman and by doing that trying to trick them into signing up with some dating offers. Explain them that you are online marketer who has a lot of success with women. In fact you have written an ebook on "online dating" that sells for $300. Then ask them to sign up with these 3 dating sites and explain them that you will be getting paid for every free signup. Tell them that you would be really thankful if they would sign up and that would help you to get some money. And as thanks you would be willing to give the ebook you are selling for $300 for free. Now , this kind of sounds ridiculous , but that converted like crazy. I think it was something really fresh and people like that appreciated some honesty.

2: "free music" method.

Ok you need to sign up with networks that have emusic and napster offers. These offers payout anywhere between $7- $12 if I remember correctly. They payout for free trials. Then go to CL or gumtree etc and post in "freebie" section saying something like that: You discovered this really cool trick how to get free legal music. Say that you love music and this trick has saved you hundreds of dollars. With this trick you can get old and new music alike. Because you dont want this method get saturated people should email you if they want to know the method. Once they email: explain them that they have to sign up with emusic or napster or both through that link. Its a free trial and allows them to download unlimited music for 2 weeks. Again, really simple, but converts really well.

3: "voucher/coupon" method.

Find few offers that are like email submits or 1-2 page offers. Would be good if they payout $1.50- $2 . Now go to "freebie section" on the classifieds sites or some "freebie" forums. Tell that you got $500 worth walmart coupons or whatever your offer states. If they want to find out how you got them , they have to email you. Once they do, tell them that you got it from that site(your aff link) Now here is a trick though. If they fill in the offer and then pass it on to 5-10 other friends they will get 20x higher chance of winning it. Since everytime one of their friends fills it in they will be credited with it and will move up on the "ladder" And everytime their friend will pass it to his/her friends , they will move little bit higher as well. So now I had few offers that went viral. It was so cool, since sometimes weeks after i stopped with that particular offer , all of a sudden I started getting leads, since someone sent it to their friends etc.
And a cool thing about it is that once the person fills it in, and sends it to his/her friends , its very likely that the friends will fill it in , since there is a trust and relationship between them.

4: "job" method.

Ok, this was working awesomely a while ago. This could be just a little bit saturated since I have seen someone doing something similar. But as far as I am concerned , when I used it , it was working great. Basically you need to choose 3 or so dating offers. Or any offer really that pays out for registering on a site and creating a profile etc. Payout all together should be like $10-$15. State that you are looking to employ someone with very little technical knowledge to be a site testers. Basically their job would be reviewing sites and checking it for bugs and spelling mistakes etc. They would have to test the functionality of the site and see if everything is running smoothly. Pay would be per site reviewed and make it look appealing. When people contact you explain that you are not receiving many applicants so they have high chances of getting the job. At first tell them to sign up with 3 sites (your aff links) And on these sites they would have to test functionality. So that means that they woudl have to upload pictures , create profiles etc. Send messages through the site system. Really test everything.Tell them that you know exactly how many "bugs" there are , so all they have to do is come back to you with the number of "bugs" they found. Doing that which will make them look legit active leads. This is a method that works amazingly in offline world. Like newspapers etc.

5: Freelance Method
Go to CommisionJunction and apply for the "freelance" offer. Basically it pays around $9 for a person who signs up the site. Now go to forums or CL etc and say that you are looking for a website designed (can be any job. For instance articles written etc) Basically sound like a noob. For instance tell that you need 10 500 word articles written. And you would pay $35 for each article. When people contact you, tell them that you will only accept them if they sign up with your "freelance" site and apply through that. Explain them that this is for security measures, so if anything goes wrong, there will be a record of all your conversations etc. And of course every time they do , you'll get paid.
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5 Easy ways to make money online!
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